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Do you have a fear of Retirement? I often meet people who say they will never retire because they’d be bored or don’t have enough money or they love what they’re doing or…you name it. I also hear many wives say that they’re worried about when their husband will retire since their lives will probably be unpleasant when he is at home all the time. I suspect that, if you believe any of those concerns or excuses, you’re probably right for when you set your mind to believe something negative, something negative usually happens.

I also suspect that those who protest retirement so much may suffer from the False Evidence Appearing Real syndrome. In other words, when we come across a situation in our lives that we think might have the possibility of a disaster or a negative reaction, we start to worry and often dream up the worst possible outcome. This gets in the way of rational behavior and may make us suspicious of everything around us which can make us physically sick from the stress of the worry… and it certainly can age us.

True, retirement can be scary if you don’t know what’s in store for you, but planning and thinking about things you would like to do in this new life stage paves an interesting path to a happy, productive retirement. What have you always wanted to do that you never had the time to pursue or what would you like to do more of once you have more time to choose your own activities? Start thinking about those possibilities and begin to consider how you will make them happen. This will enable you to flow more easily into retirement without fearing all those false possibilities.

If there’s an activity you would like to do, but feel you can’t afford it, consider ways to work around the situation. I know retirees who volunteer at golf courses or ski resorts in exchange for free passes to enjoy the sport themselves. I also know a few retirees who volunteer to crew on boats during annual moves from north to south and vice versa. Driving cars to given destination points provides an inexpensive way for retirees to see different parts of a country…and the list goes on.

If you’re still worried about how you will fare in retirement, I urge you to read the article, 7 Ways to Keep Fear and Worry from Hijacking A Happy Life by Kathy Gottberg. I think it will convince you that the power to create a wonderful retirement lies in your hands.

Have you read the book, Survive Your Husband’s Retirement? Married couples as well as singles have read it and said that they learned a lot about retirement and how to make it a wonderful stage of life. Perhaps it will help you too.
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