Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 11.46.57 AMKen MacDonald lives with a passion to create.  Retired at 59…now 78, he has forged a life style that he finds fulfilling, satisfying and successful.

Ken worked at Grinnell Corporation in Rhode Island for 35 years where his work with  various metals through his involvement in product manufacturing and design provided plenty of opportunity for him to implement his artistic talents. He enjoyed his work, but he also yearned to have more freedom in his creativity. When  retirement became an option, Ken purchased welding equipment and took classes with a master sculptor. Since then, his artistic passion has developed into a lifetime pursuit and sense of purpose that defines his retirement.

This passion has kept Ken young at heart and healthy for many retired years, and his art work has added dimensions to his life that seemed out of the realm of possibility in an earlier time. Early in his retirement he realized that, for him, exploration is everything,  constantly challenging him to come up with new ideas and new solutions. His enthusiasm for this process is exceeded only by his contagious love of life. Talking with Ken confirms that exploring new and different possibilities keeps a person moving forward to the next discovery and the next creation––whatever one’s passion.

Early in his art explorations, Ken was inspired by Buckminster Fuller who patented the Geodesic Dome and, among other books, wrote I Seem to Be a Verb. In this book, Fuller states, “I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process–an integral function of the universe.”  Ken identified with the evolutionary aspect of this statement and realized that his artwork continually evolves. As he walks across his driveway to his sculpture studio each day, Ken enters a new beginning with new discoveries.

While he works hard at his passion,retirement brings him the freedom to decide when a sculpture is finished and where it will be exhibited.”  He and his wife, Robie, enjoy bringing his work to art festivals and shows throughout the country, and also enjoy this great excuse to visit new areas.

In addition to Ken’s own creative work with found objects and various metals to create art, he works on commissions with clients who would like their personal objects incorporated into a piece of work or are seeking to have a particular kind of metal sculpture created.

Ken currently exhibits at the Spring Bull Gallery in Newport, RI, and his sculptures are  visible throughout New England.  For more about his artwork or to contact Ken, visit his website, Ken MacDonald, Sculpture in Metal.

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Unchained Melody

The Time Machine
The Time Machine