a couple empathizing in retirement

Empathy for another makes two people happy

Empathizing in Retirement: a tool for creating happy relationships.

You might ask yourself why empathizing in retirement is important in a relationship. You might also think it hasn’t been necessary before, and that’s probably true. Nevertheless, for many retirees, it can become a crucial skill for happy relationships. 

No matter how great retirement is for most people, we all have seen how even strong people sometimes need support. This thought occurred to me as I observed two different groups of men. As a group of robust young men ran through town, I noticed they looked as if nothing could stop them. The next morning, at the gym, I overheard a group of male retirees bemoaning their loss of strength and energy. 

The Importance of Empathy

The reality of the above scenarios may be familiar to those who sense some decrease in stamina and drive. Certainly, this is nothing to feel bad about for our young skills are generally replaced with intelligence and wisdom. However, while appreciating the importance of activities that keep us strong, healthy and alert, we can occasionally feel vulnerable.

Valuing our friend’s or life partner’s vulnerability helps that person come to terms with their reality. When people feel your appreciation of their worth, their sense of vulnerability frequently disappears. Empathy helps others focus on their existing strengths and adjust to this new life stage with pride and joy. Your empathy also provides opportunities to offer suggestions and support to the one who is feeling vulnerable. It also helps two people feel more connected and in sync with one another.

The Outcome of Empathizing in Retirement

Empathy is particularly helpful for couples who are newly retired. Some retirees may feel at a loss of what to do with newfound time. Others may feel the absence of friendship while missing their work colleagues. Still, others may feel a tremendous loss of purpose as they leave their work world behind. 

Your empathy for anyone struggling with retirement can help them acknowledge their pain and determine ways to move forward with success. It enables you to provide understanding, guidance and support and helps them move toward a happy and successful retirement.

Your empathy can make all the difference in the world! If you’d like more ideas on providing empathy for a friend or spouse, check out Rock Your Retirement. 

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