Why Retirees Must Consider  Embracing Change


Embracing change strikes me as an appropriate term for dealing with the odd weather this year. After weeks—and weeks—of wondering if spring would ever come to New England, we were treated to a 93-degree day. Although such a high temperature still leaves me pining for spring, it does give me hope that winter could be behind us for a few months. 

Coincidently, on the same day, I received an article discussing the relationship of spring and new beginnings. Spring often brings feelings of change and renewal, and that’s why this article struck me. You may also relate to that feeling if you’re a gardener or simply appreciate the budding of new plants and bushes.

Sue Ronnenkamp, a writer for Senior Correspondent, began her article on embracing change in retirement with the statement, “Everything new we’ve ever started began by planting seeds.” I thought about that for a moment and realized its appropriateness for retirement  Retirement is often a time of investigation. It asks us to adjust to new time frames and new ways to deal with relationships—even long-term ones. 

We need time to determine what it is we want to do in this new life stage. It may also require that we need to balance our wishes with those of our life partner. This is where the concept of planting seeds and embracing change becomes relevant for retirees. Opportunities for exploration appear for those wanting to create a meaningful and happy retirement life. In her article, Ms. Ronnenkamp states, ‘We need spring’s new beginnings and summer’s ripening.” Without accepting life changes, she explains, we can’t experience new careers or relationships or resurrect dreams or find fresh purpose.

Recently I wrote a few blogs about transition in retirement and our willingness to adapt to changes in situations. Like any other stage of life, retirement is best enjoyed when we successfully adapt to new interests or circumstances. We can’t always dictate what happens, but we can dictate how we respond to each event. The equation of spring being a new beginning in retirement is powerful. Why not let this season’s energy spark enthusiasm for exploration and changes that will enrich your life?

Power to those who welcome new ideas, events and connections as tools for aging gracefully and happily. Are you one of them?

How are you embracing change?

Are you embracing change and find ways to make these changes work for you? What’s your secret to happiness in retirement? Please share your comments below or share the article on your favorite social media.