Graduating class listening to its class president

Retirement is the graduation to a new life.

Why Embrace Change in Retirement?

Are you asking yourself why you should be willing to embrace change in retirement? You liked your work and were happy and content with your life style. Work was good; it gave you a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Howeve, if you are newly retired, you might be struggling to adjust to this new life style. If so, you might benefit from giving serious thought to embracing the changes that are likely to occur. In fact, doing so could be crucial for your retirement  happiness.

Retirement could be your new spring if you embrace change

I like to think of retirement as a time for change and renewal. I like to think of it as  a time of investigation. In fact, retirement almost always asks us to adjust to new time frames and new ways to deal with relationships—even long-term ones. We need time to determine what it is we want to do in this new life stage. We may also need to balance our wishes with those of our life partner. 

 For me, retirement might be thought of as the new Spring in our lives. Living in the northeast, I tend to pine for the new beginnings of Spring around this time of the year. Could it be possible that retirement could bring the same joy to our lives?

With Spring comes growth and opportunities to experiment with various plantings in our yards and homes. Retirement can do the same for our own growth opportunities. All we need do is take time to explore how to create joy and meaning in our lives. In her article, in Senior Correspondent Sue Ronnenkamp states that, without accepting life changes, we can’t resurrect old dreams or find fresh purpose.

Different thoughts on retirement

Over the years I have written blogs on topics regarding subjects such as transition in retirement and our willingness to adapt to changes . I’ve done that because it never hurts to reflect that retirement is best enjoyed when we successfully adapt to new interests or circumstances. We can’t always dictate what happens, but we can dictate how we respond to each event. The equation of spring being a new beginning in retirement is powerful. Why not let this season’s energy spark enthusiasm for exploration and changes that will enrich your life?

Power to those who welcome new ideas, events and connections as tools for aging gracefully and happily. Are you one of them?

How are you embracing change?

Are you embracing change and finding ways to make these changes work for you? What’s your secret to happiness in retirement? Please share your comments below or share this article on your favorite social media.