When we decide to retire, we start to enjoy life.

Deciding when to retire
is more than looking at finances.




Deciding when to retire IS a big deal. Throughout the years many of us believed that our finances would be the biggest determining force in that decision. However other considertions should have equal influence in this life-altering decision. 

Retirement decisions involve more than financial considerations

Robert Laura, a financial advisor and one of my favorite retirement writers, stresses that there are a host of things that will affect the quality of  our lkives in retirement.  He stresses that  making one of the biggest decisions in our lives based on money alone, will keep us from the answer we need.  He believes that using finances alone for planning retirement is a good way to fail in life-stage. ”

Moving beyond financial considerations

According to Laurie, addressing non-financial aspects first makes it easier for money concerns to fall into place. He stresses  five aspects for a successful transition from work life to home life. His comprehensive retirement plan encourages retirees to consider the 1) Mental, 2) Social, 3) Physical, 4) Spiritual and 5) Financial aspects of life after work.  “Only then,” he states, “can we make an informed decision.”  

For More information on this process, you may choose to view Laurie’s integrated model for Weallth Management that focuses first on a retiree’s overall well-being, go to the link https://www.forbes.com/sites/robertlaura/#35f3de711725.

What are your thoughts? How do financial aspects and life goals affect your ability to create meaningful retirement lives? If you are new to—or just considering retirement, this is a great place to ask questions. If you’ve been retired for a while, please share your wisdom with those who are going through the decision process.  

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