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a new way to discover retirement excitement

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New discoveries bring new retirement excitement

A new reason for retirement excitement!

Last week I had the privilege of presenting a workshop in Anchorage, Alaska. The retired—or soon to be retired—attendees ranged in age from about 55 to 75. Previously, I have presented workshops throughout New England. However, traveling from the Atlantic to the Pacific for one was a novel experience.

As always, I learned much from those who attended; in fact that’s one reason I enjoy doing workshops. At this workshop I discovered that many Alaskan retirees have a strong desire to participate in outside activities. This isn’t surprising, given the vast, majestic environment in which they live. However, I also heard a commonality of concerns among modern retirees, regardless of where we live.

Commonality of Concerns

In Alaska—just as in New England—most couples have challenging, but realistic  concerns about spending more time together. How will they create a compatible retirement relationship? Where will they live?  How will they create meaning in this life style for themselves and for their partner?

New-found Retirement Excitement

This confirmation of the commonality of concerns among retirees is the reason for my feeling a new retirement excitement. Traveling to Alaska for this workshop has prompted me to consider the possibility of combining good work and great adventures.

Several attendees at this workshop told me no one else offers retirement relationship workshops. Consequently, I’’m thinking about bringing Make the Most of Retirement Life —Together to communities throughout the country—or internationally.

The workshops would help retirees move beyond fears about this new life stage while also creatingretirement excitement through interesting travel opportunities. Sounds like a win/win for all involved!

The best part of the concept of sharing one’s skills is that the opportunity is not unique to my situation. What skill do you have to offer to others that would create new meaning or experiences? Can you imagine a skill that could become a win-win scenario for you, your life partner and others? If not, perhaps you’d share  something you would like to learn that someone else could offer?

Sharing Skills & Ideas

Through my workshop experiences I’ve discovered that retirees want to help one another. I’ve also learned the we often don’t give ourselves credit for our many skills. Isn’t it time for all of us to understand our true value, acknowledge our strengths and turn them into activities that benefit ourselves and others.

I’ve shared an idea for my next retirement step. Now, will you tell us about your skills, and how they can benefit others?  The feedback you receive could help you develop an effective plan.

Also, will you tell me what you think of my idea? Your information about an organization or group of people who would benefit from a workshop to help retirees Make The Most of Retirement Life—Together could be a catalyst for bringing greater meaning, joy and peace to many retirement relationships.

An attendee at the Anchorage workshop said, “All couples could talk about the things Nora presented…but we don’t. We need to be prompted and encouraged to do that.”  

Let’s talk! Send an email to nora@surviveyourhusbandsretirement.com or enter your comments below.