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If I were to give any advice for a joyful retirement, I would say choose activities that fuel your energy and spirit. It can be easy to get bogged down in minutia of everyday events if we don’t choose our activities carefully. Yes, most us must spend time on essential  cleaning, health care and home maintenance. And surely, time with your grandchildren and their parents is an important aspect of creating a joyful retirement. However, a sense of inertia can arise if we don’t replace work with new and meaningful activities.

Are you enjoying autumn—or spring if you are in the southern hemisphere? Have  you discovered unique or outlandish activities to savor in retirement? How do these  activities fuel your spirit and make you a happy retiree?

A Major Source for Joyful Retirement Ideas

Perhaps one of the most read authors on retirement is Ernie Zelinski, an authority on retiring. His books, How To Retire, Happy Wild and Free and The Joy of Not Working. Stresses his belief that ordinary people can attain out-of-the-ordinary results and make a difference in this world while still taking plenty of time off to enjoy life.

I like his theory. When we venture on unscripted or out of the ordinary activities we gain the potential to fuel our souls and bring calm and satisfaction to our lives. We become better, happier people when we view retirement as a time to enjoy and reflect on the good aspects of life. It’s also an effective way to stay happily married in retirement!

The Value of Exploring mew Activities 

As much as I view writing as a wonderful way to spend a day, I did less of it this summer. This freed me up in order to explore new activities and new ways of approaching the “old”.  As a result, when I did write, I was a calmer (and I hope more insightful) person. 

Other benefits of taking this unscripted time to explore new activities were the  opportunities to know and appreciate a few people better than I had. The variety also brought new insights and thought provoking conversations while helping me discover strengths I didn’t know I had.

Let’s Spread the Word About Joyful Retirement

What new event or activity have you discovered this season? How has it helped you grow or enjoy life more? Please share your wisdom with others.  You know your ideas and experiences will benefit someone.

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