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Coronavirus — Not Your Parent’s Retirement

Of course, Coronavirus is not your parent’s retirement. In fact, for most people, it’s a lot more confusing and worrying. We’re talking about families being together hours on end amidst much concern about your family’s heath. 

How Retirement Information Can Help in Self-quarantine

As you see this Blog is usually about your parents’ Retirement. However, tips for creating compatible retirement relationships are also relevant for couples and families enduring social isolation. 

For many couples the thought of retirement looms frighteningly ominous. Loss of income and fear of isolation concern both partners. Some worry about their partner’s constant presence and the changes that will involve. Others fear they will lose their sense of purpose in retirement or fret over what they will do with this new found time.  

 For Better or Worse—But NOT for lunch

One tidbit of information I learned in early retirement was “for better or worse but not for lunch.” To me that meant, we will live, love and stick together no matter what, but make your own lunch! That was pretty clear and easy to enforce.

However, such a policy is not feasible in the coronavirus situation. My son and daughter-in-law have four boys ranging in age from 12-22. They’re all home! Recently I heard rumors of at least seven meals a day taking place. Matter of fact during a recent FaceTime exchange, at least two of the boys were in the kitchen consuming nourishment. 

How Well Do You Know Your Partner?

 For many couples, retirement brings opportunity to get to know one another better. The new life stage becomes a time for renewed appreciation of one another’s skills, strengths and goals as well as their idiosyncrasies!

Growing appreciation of our partners, however, comes only when we pay real attention to the other person. As difficult as the current isolation may be for families, deciding to truly listen to one another’s needs and goals can lead to more profound, patient and loving relationships. Let’s be honest: confinement is best tolerated when we find joy within that environment. Why not strive to find the benefits in this difficult situation? 

Probably most young families have hardly considered retirement. However, adjusting to retirement and to self-quarantine, requires many of the same skills. Tools necessary to create happy retirements can serve all families affected by the current health crises.


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