With a steady attitude, we can conquer Coronavirus
With a steady attitude, we can conquer Coronavirus

Life’s a balance

Coronavirus and Retirement

I HAD the flu. It’s wasn’t Coronavirus. It was, nonetheless, strong enough to show me the meaning of a “death wish”.

What a strange beginning for a blog on Retirement! However, let’s face it, THE flu is on all our minds. Consequently, I thought I’d share some things I learned once I got over my death wish. 

Listening to the news, can make us concerned about this “Pandemic”. Every one is saying that it’s the elderly who are and will be most affected by these germs. However, as Retirees, we have many options to change that.

Things to consider for your health and sanity

If you’re not going out to work everyday, you are sparing yourself contact with potentially ill commuters and fellow workers.

As a “retiree”, you have more time to take care of  yourself. So, if you aren’t already on some sort of exercise routine, it could be time to start moving. Germs might be less likely to catch you when you’re on the go.

Do you plan to reduce your interaction with a large numbers of people? If so, don’t let your mind and energy dissipate. You might decide to LEARN SOMETHING NEW. This is a perfect time to ask yourself what you wish you had learned when younger, but didn’t.

 Keeping Your Brain Alert

What mental activities will keep you alert and feeling involved? Is it time to learn something new on the computer or do you want to start writing your own acrostic puzzles?

Is this a good time to change your diet and/or explore new recipes? The less sugar we have in our diet, the healthier we can be. If you aren’t already, you might enjoy becoming a gourmet cook.

Have you thought about starting or upping an exercise routine?  This could be the perfect time to initiate a practice that will have you feeling better. It could also make you more resistant to infection. To this end, you might also want to learn about natural medication that will help boost your immune system. If so, check out this article on using herbs and other natural resources.

A few days ago, I posted  a piece on the Silver Lining of Coronavirus.  If you didn’t see it then, you might want to check it out and possibly share it with others. It could help all of us put life into perspective.

Just for a good laugh, you might want to check out the Article, No You Can’t Use Vodka as a Hand Sanitizer. Laughter is the best medicine, after all.

Where is this virus taking us?

There is much going on in the world right now. Nevertheless, it’s our opportunity for each of us to take stock of our life style and make it even more meaningful and healthy. What will you do for your health? Please share some thoughts below.

And, finally the news says, anyone over 60 is elderly? Really? I like to think that it’s just the beginning of a new and potentially wonderful life stage. Go for it!