Hold onto your friends in retirement.

Deciding when to retire
is more than looking at finances.

Be open to all forms of good: money, beauty, strength, health, free time, love, joy, peace, talents, harmonious relationships, wisdom, friendships and grace.

Realize good grows when you know you are worthy and have faith and expectancy. Courtesy of gina@believeinyoutoday, November 3, 2019


CONFESSION: This blog is a repeat.  However, I think it’s worth repeating as COVID-19 draws out a need to find ways for contentment

Spunky Old Broads: The Secret for Contentment in Retirement

Do you ever see older people who seem to have lost the secret of contentment in retirement? Are they looking sad or acting angry? I know when I see individuals who look so forlorn,  I often think they are missing out on the best time of life. True, life isn’t always easy as we age. Many of us have aches and pains that seem to never go away. Others are lonely or can’t afford even simple  “luxuries”. We can’t save the world, but we can help those we know who have reasons to be sad or cranky. Providing physical support for those in poor health or who lack basic necessities is helpful. Even more important however, is companionship because it helps individuals achieve a sense of contentment in retirement

When reading the quote at the top of the page, I thought that being open to the best things in life may be the secret to contentment. For me, harmonious relationships, wisdom, friendships and grace are traits that seem to be the basis of contentment. Knowing we are loved provides a sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves. Friendships bring variety and joy to our existence while wisdom and grace help us achieve these states.

Why do some people ignore the secret of contentment?

True, we are not guaranteed the gifts of harmonious relationships and friendships or wisdom or grace. For some, it may be that they don’t feel worthy of such benevolence—or don’t realize they can make this happen for themselves. Nevertheless, we can help those who struggle with loneliness, frustration or unhappiness. When we’re open to the forms of good that Gina mentions above, it’s easier to share these blessings with others. So why not reach out to those in your family or community who need to be encouraged toward happiness and contentment? Doing this could make a difference in your life and that of many others.

Celebrating our Strengths

November is Spunky Old Broads Month. It honors women committed to making a difference in life. It’s a perfect time to show how good grows when you know you are worthy and have faith and expectancy. And, guys reading (whether it’s Noverber or July) this, it’s a good time to support your Spunky Old Broad!

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