Brown Bears in a tussle

Changes in retirement aren’t as difficult when you  play nice.
Picture: courtesy Richard McManus, an Optical Excellence Award

Are you experiencing changes in retirement?

Do you ever wonder why some changes in retirement life are different than you expected? Surely you made great plans for retirement. Your numerous discussions with your life partner on how you and will spend you “glory” days have been exciting. But, then, reality hits. He—or she—is doing things you never imagined possible. And, who would believe, you’re doing things that have him—or her—perplexed. 

None of this happened during your work lives, but now with more togetherness, your mate’s  quirks  appear daily. Or, is it just that you now have time to notice one another’s oddities?  I recently read a humorous article on the glitches and changes in retirement relationships that I feel compelled to share. This light-hearted exposé on a retired spouse inspires laughter for all who confront the “joys” of retirement living. And, since laughter strengthens immune systems, boosts moods, diminishes pain, and protects from damaging stress, that’s a good thing.


Nothing works more dependably to bring your mind and body into balance than a good laugh. 

Consequently, I hope you will read this article on Life With A Newly Retired Spouse then share it with your mate. It should bring good laughs and make you feel better while prompting interesting discussions. 

After you read it, why not send it too your other long suffering friends?  You might also choose to share your thoughts in the comment section below. Your comments may help others discover that life is pretty good when we find humor in all kinds of situations.

Wishing you and your mate, good laughs and plenty of great conversations about changes in retirement. Sounds to me like a good recipe for happiness in retirement. 

Looking for the link to the great article I am talking about?   You’ll find it here!