Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 10.36.12 AMFor the past few years, there has been much talk about Boomers not being able to retire when they had planned to do so. The cause, as many realize, is the decrease of financial security thanks to a disastrous economy. Recently, however, a number of articles have appeared stating the opposite and offering a ray of hope to those who are eager to move on to a new life stage or feel they’ve “had it” with work.

Several articles I read stated that, “43% of retired Boomers began collecting Social Security earlier than they had planned.” In some cases this is due to a job loss, but statistics seem to show that much of it is also do to the fact that many Boomers have discovered ways to live reasonably comfortably, despite recent financial losses.

I’m a long way from being any kind of  financial advisor, but for many, I think this may be a good happening. Some newly retired individuals have taken on part time jobs that provide income and opportunity to explore a world of new activities and interests.

No matter who you talk with about retirement, the most common advice for successful retirement is to keep physically active and mentally alert. Taking on new interests sparks one’s enthusiasm, and challenging ourselves to learn or do something that interests us, or that we may never have done before is probably the best way to achieve those mental and physical states.

If you’re worried about having to work beyond 65 or 67, or if you’re disgruntled that you were forced into retirement too soon, you might consider the possibility of exploring a new world for yourself–right in your home town. As retirees, we usually have more time to discover local activities that don’t cost a lot of money to enjoy or use. This can put a new perspective on  communities we may have lived in for years and never had the opportunity to appreciate.

With more time, we are also generally able to discover new and less expensive ways to provide for our needs…and therein lies the strength of the Boomer Generation. A tremendous resourcefulness seems to accompany every Boomer I know!

Boomers, Unite. Make your retirement the best it can be.

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