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So now I know for sure…

There’s something to celebrate just about every day of the year.

It must be true, I read it on the internet!

Recently I happened on a web site that piqued my curiosity. It lists reasons to celebrate something every day of the year and, believe it or not, National Anti-Boredom Month is a big one for July–– the date is July 11 to be exact.

For active retirees, this might seem a bit preposterous for…who has time to be bored? Your days are probably as filled as they can possibly be, but the concept of celebrating anti-boredom has some value. Retirement can and should be a special time in our lives. For many, retirement offers at least some time when we can pursue activities and interests that may have been put on hold for many years while we attended to families and careers. Now that we may have some time to ourselves, it’s healthy––and good for everyone else around us––for us to participate in activities that bring joy and meaning to our lives.

Even if you have major obligations or responsibilities it’s still possible to enrich your own life by being curious about life and your surroundings. In another web site I read,  “Curiosity happens when you enthusiastically explore your environment, survey your options, and simultaneously own both awe and doubt. It all starts with questioning the nuances of life, challenging the systems already in place, and bucking the authority around you. Because, if you didn’t already know, asking leads to knowing, knowing leads to understanding, understanding leads to thinking, thinking leads to mindfulness, and mindfulness leads to creativity.”

While you’re still thinking, “Hey, I’m not bored, and I don’t have time to be curious,” remember that even just ten minutes in a hammock or lying on the grass can inspire your curiosity. So what will you, busy retiree, be curious about today?

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