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Nora Hall and her Husband pose for her book, Surviving your husbands retirement
The project, Survive Your Husband’s Retirement, grew out of Nora Hall’s real life experience. When Art, her husband of forty-two years, announced he was retiring she–and he–were completely unprepared for this new journey. The next several months–actually–13 months, 4 days and 32 hours became trying. She’s glad to report, however, that they’ve come out on the other end of it–managing not to kill one another–and rediscovering traits that led them to marriage in the first place.

Nora says it was her friend and neighbor who sparked the turn-around. While “in discussion” with Art about something that should be done in the garden, the irritation in both voices apparently grew. Suddenly, Priscilla popped up from weeding her next-door garden and said, “Art, Nora sure is lucky to have you for a husband. You give her so much fodder for her book.” The laughter caused by the statement brought levity to the situation and inspired both husband and wife to seek the laughter in all future “discussions.”

When Nora wanted answers to the reality of 24/7 relationships, she decided to talk with other women whose husbands had retired. She had developed keen interviewing and writing skills as a freelance writer helping others discover and reveal their strengths. She has worked with students and executives helping them create job-catching resumes. She has worked with companies creating informative websites and she interviewed numerous artists, educators and entrepreneurs for articles in newsletters and magazines–so why not wives of retired husbands?

Her gentle, but effective, inquiries uncovered a plethora of situations, problems and solutions wives encountered in the early stages of their husbands’ retirement. Her decision to share these discoveries helps wives understand–and/or laugh about–the errant behavior of newly retired husbands and encourages both husband and wife to take the necessary steps toward a blissful retirement.

Nora has recently published her book, Survive Your Husband’s Retirement. It is available in print and as an e-book on Amazon. Autographed copies of print are available on Survive’s website. She lives with her husband, Art, in Wickford, RI. Their two grown children–and their spouses–have gifted them with six marvelous grandchildren.

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