When we dream we create magic
When we dream we create magic

Never stop dreaming and planning.
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It’s delightful to see a new approach for creating  retirement goals.

Nine years ago, when my husband Art retired, I found little information on challenges couples face while adjusting to retirement. This led me to interview retirees who had survived early retirement. Through these interviews I learned that most retired couples struggle to adapt to this life stage. Many confirmed the need to balance time together and time apart. Some mentioned the distribution of duties around home and others expressed surprise over their spouse’s suddenly revealed quirks.

From those I interviewed, I learned that retirement alters relationships but compromise and understanding ultimately lead to joyful companionship. When I learned that Art and I were not alone, I wanted to share their helpful tips for creating harmony. My goal was to help couples see they are not alone in retirement challenges. Thus my decision to write the book, Survive Your Husbands Retirement.

As the number of retiring Baby Boomers grows we continue to see a growth of information on living together in retirement. Oddly enough many individuals providing tips on living together in retirement work as financial consultants. Previously their focus had been helping couples create financial security. Now many couples recognize the need to consider how they will live in retirement as well as how they will afford it.

I have read numerous articles and books by financial planners on this subject. Yet, when I received the following piece from David Warren, his approach to creating retirement goals intrigued me. He encourages his clients to begin planning early rather than waiting until retirement is imminent. This provides for a gradual realization of changes this life stage will bring. Early planning eliminates the stress of waking one morning and saying “now what”. 

I’m posting Dave’s article here because I think it’s helpful for younger couples as they begin considering retirement. I also think it contains information everyone can continue to learn from—regardless of one’s retirement experiences.

Please note: This is not an endorsement for his company as financial advice is not my expertise. I do, however, endorse his message about planning and compromising for retirement.

David Warren is the senior writer and lead researcher at HardStacks. He has been a financial engineer for over 30 years and has been investing in alternative assets since the Great Recession of 2008. He has a true passion for learning about economic cycles and educating others on how to protect and grow their wealth by investing in precious metals, real estate and cryptocurrencies. Follow him on Facebook.

Creating Retirement Goals and Why That’s Important For Younger Couples

Retirement can be an intimidating or an exciting period of life. No matter how you feel, you probably aim to make it joyful and enjoyable, especially with the person you love most.

Do you wish to create your own happiness? With a good strategy, your wise investments can result in a successful retirement. Here’s a short guide to show you the possibilities of how to maintain a meaningful relationship with your spouse after you retire.

A successful retirement begins with you

With careful planning and investing, you may be able to retire early. If such opportunity arises, surely you and your spouse aim to make the most of it.

There are many reasons as to why invest, but making your mutual relationship stronger, being able to spend more time together and fulfill your goals just might be the best reason there is.

With new possibilities opening up, however, why not take a step forward, and seize an opportunity that could make your future and your retirement more joyful, peaceful and fulfilled.

Before making any important steps forward, you need to carefully think about your future together. A successful retirement means great organization, clear goals, and wishes.

After all the quality of life you’re about to lead in the years that follow will depend on your general wellbeing, happiness, satisfaction and nurtured mutual relationships.

The key to a great retirement strategy responsible for your future happiness, is above all, based on a mutual relationship between you and your spouse.


Communication is the key to any relationship, either personal or business, but the most important is the one with your partner. Only with open and honest communication are you able to rely on and trust each other. It’s important to know that your partner understands and supports you.

Help one another

Isn’t it just lovely to see couples help one another? With mutual support and help, the transitioning period into the retirement can be a lot easier.

After all, it is a change that requires adjusting from both of you. With a little help, you can both make this transition easier for each other.

Make a bucket list for your retirement goals

You must both be on the same page when it comes to listing your priorities, but there can be a number of them, such as traveling, opening up a small business, or growing a vegetable patch.

On a chilly winter evening, you can both sit down with a cup of steaming tea and prepare your own personalized bucket list. It’s fun, creative and entertaining and the list will be all yours and very personal.

Learn a new skill to enhance your retirement goals

In case you both have a secret passion that you’ve wanted to pursue but just have never had the time for it, put it on your bucket lists! You might want to take up painting, or perhaps you both want to take cooking classes because you love to cook. Don’t forget about each other’s wishes, you can easily work these hobbies into your retirement plan.

Cherish each other

At the end of the day, it all comes down to you and your spouse. Remember to cherish these little moments, remember to show them they’re special. And last but not least, remember to laugh together, which results in that special feeling of homeliness and belonging.

Basic retirement planning strategies

Before making that big step forward, make sure that you’re both on the same page. That way you are able to discuss and support each other, and make joint decisions. Make a retirement plan that works for you, and you may be on your way to a successful retirement:

  1. Cut back on unnecessary expenses

If you want to retire early, you should start cutting back on your expenses and start implementing all possible money hacks you can.

  1. Make a retirement plan

Think long and hard about your retirement. Have you made a bucket list with your spouse yet?  Now would be the time; include everything you wish to do, achieve and see. This plan has to be thorough and detailed.

  1. Calculate your monthly expenses and income

When your retirement plan is set, it might differ from your lifestyle now. The next logical step is to see if you have sufficient funds to support that lifestyle.

The calculations need to be done to the very last penny, there are even retirement income calculators you can find online. It’s only the first step, but it can give an idea of how long your savings might last.

  1. Don’t forget about medical coverage
  1. Reconsider your investments

Your 20s and 30s might be the years to improvise and make risky decisions when it comes to investing. The older you are; the more serious approach you should take towards investments.

  1. Consider an SDIRA
  1. Talk to an advisor or consultant after you are both comfortable with your retirement strategy and plan.

Final words…

Approaching retirement might sound a bit scary, but with simple steps, support of your partner, and careful planning, you will both able to turn it into something you won’t be able to get enough of.

There is definitely personal work to be involved if you want your retirement to be meaningful and joyful, but then it is the two of you creating your own experiences and moments that will bring you even closer together than you are today.