Taking time to enjoy life

Taking time to enjoy life

The quote, “The only problem with retirement is that you never get a day off,” appears on the home page of this website. I thought it was funny, but now I see the importance of those occasional days off. That doesn’t mean that retirement isn’t grand; it’s just that, like many retirees, I fill my calendar weeks in advance, and it’s difficult to find a free day.

My calendar is booked far in advance because many things interest me. It’s also booked because I frequently want to participate in family events. And, if you have grandchildren, you know how many family events take place this time of the year!

These activities are good and not to be forgone. However, how often do we sit in a garden and smell the flowers or take long slow walks in our favorite environment? Have you ever ventured out an impetuous journey in hope of discovering something new?

Unscripted activities such as those above have the potential to fuel our souls and bring calm and satisfaction to our lives. We become better, happier people when we view retirement as a time to enjoy and reflect on the good aspects of life

Summer is coming. What a perfect time to be astounded by the world we live in and the people with whom we share our lives. Conversations with other retirees convince me that allowing joy and wonder to capture us, makes life better than we could imagine

Probably most of you have heard of or read the poem, All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum.  It inspires me.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU to take a day off or to explore something new?  Won’t you share it with us in the comment section below?

 All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten

Most of what I really need

To know about how to live

And what to do and how to be

I learned in kindergarten.

Wisdom was not at the top

Of the graduate school mountain,

But there in the sandpile at Sunday school.

These are the things I learned:

Share everything.

Play fair.

Don’t hit people.

Put things back where you found them.

Clean up your own mess.

Don’t take things that aren’t yours.

Say you’re sorry when you hurt somebody.

Wash your hands before you eat.


Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you.

Live a balanced life –

Learn some and think some

And draw and paint and sing and dance

And play and work everyday some.

Take a nap every afternoon.

When you go out into the world,

Watch out for traffic,

Hold hands and stick together.

Be aware of wonder.

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