Seize the moment of joy

On a gorgeous, sunny day last week, my husband and I rediscovered one of the greatest joys of retirment––the freedom to choose. We chose to take the day off.

While many say that every day in retirement is supposed to be off we, like many retirees, let ourselves get so busy that we overlook the privileges and advantages of this special time in life. Walking along the beach on a  spectacular day quickly cured that disease, however.

As we walked, I thought how fortunate to be here––how fortunate to have the time to bask in this wonderful air––how fortunate to be with someone I care a great deal about. I thought of all the days wasted in an office and resolved to enjoy the simple things of life more often.

As I was deep in thought about the joys of being in charge of my own time management, my husband must have been having similar thoughts. He suddenly said, “I’m glad we’re not forty. We couldn’t do this then, and I don’t want to do all that work again.”

How’s that for thinking alike? I guess that’s part of living together so many years, but for me it reinforces the fact that simple joys are what make life truly wonderful. Yes, our days are full––often too full––but the real freedom of retirement is taking a day to do what you wish and what is truly important to you. You can do all the other stuff later in the day or tomorrow. Generally, that will probably be soon enough.

How  do you use your freedom to choose? How will you spend your days? Please share your thoughts on the perfect retirement day for you. Your ideas in the comment section below could prompt others to discover something new and wonderful about retirment.

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