Budda offering words of wisdom about for retiring boomers

We are responsible for our own changes.

Our Youth are not retiring…are Boomers?

Are You a Retiring Boomer? Do you know some youth who are a long way  from retiring about things that matter? Why, you might ask, would I pose such a strange question about retiring Boomers and today’s youth? Of course Boomers are retiring. We’ve reached an acceptable retirement age and have worked hard our whole lives. It could be that we now see more to life than just working or may have a myriad of other sensible reasons for retiring.

If you are one of the many Boomers retiring this year, you may wonder what your joy in retirement has to do with today’s youth? Truth is, the retiring I’m considering isn’t about leaving work; It’s about retiring from reality. The impetus for this thought came from a cartoon sent to me by an acquaintance. In the post, a teenage store clerk reminded an older woman that, to help save the environment, she should bring her own bags when shopping.

Retiring Boomer on a Tirade

The next thing you see in the cartoon is Grandmom going on a triad informing the clerk that she is among the generation of real conservation and pollution control. “In our homes during the 50’s, there was only ONE house phone and one television, and we WALKED everywhere. We also drank water from a fountain—not plastic bottles and used typewriters that required only human energy. What do you know about energy and conservation,” she continued?

The woman was correct. We did use less energy when we were young. We even reused paper bags for book covers. However, who invented, promoted and purchased all the “new-fangled” machines and products that fill the energy grid today and promote waste? What’s the real cause of our declining environment? Are we doing anything about it? Clearly each of us has played a part in today’s conservation concerns. Even if we have just one computer or only occasionally buy plastic water bottles, we drive more often than walk and use lots of electricity. 

Retiring Boomers from life or from work?

These thoughts aren’t meant as a condemnation of our generation. It is, however, a hope that we may feel called to support youth in their remarkable efforts to promote climate conservation. If you’ve read articles on retirement, you know the value of participating in something important to us. Involvement promotes our vitality, health and well-being and helps us remain active as we continue to learn. Why not support our youth in their efforts to protect the environment? After all, our generation did help create the situation. 

A Unique Approach for Retirement Goals

It’s true that most of us used energy innocently, without conscious awareness of harm. Today we know better. We can help our children and grandchildren move forward to a healthier environment. 

Let’s not be A cranky retiring Boomer that complain about walking everywhere as a child. What’s happening in your neighborhood? How can you make a difference? Will you share your thoughts below or forward this blog so that others may be inspired? 

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