Dove flying high with joy

With love comes serenity

My husband Art and celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary this month. In honor of that important event in our lives, we created a list of 50 reasons for making retirement work together. We enjoyed developing his list and hope you will share your ideas for making retirement work.

You’re likely to notice some crossover of concepts. Since different people read (and hear) things differently,  alternate phrasing seemed desirable. What are your thoughts for making retirement work together? What would you add to this list or pick out as most valuable for your relationship?

Making Retirement Work together requires patience and understanding, but the benefits are worth the effort.


  1. Life is easier when you are with a person you like.
  2. Couples care about the other’s happiness when retirement works.
  3. Being appreciated for who we are makes each partner happier.
  4. Caring about someone else makes us feel more complete.
  5. Caring about someone makes us want to help that person.
  6. Caring partners tend to disagree less often.
  7. Caring partners tend to agree with one another more easily.
  8. Caring partners make the other person feel cared for.
  9. Our children are happier when their parents get along with one another.
  10. Happy children make happy parents.


  1. Simply loving someone makes us feel good.
  2. Caring partners tend to experience less stress in their relationship.
  3. Less stress makes us more energetic.
  4. More energy makes us more inclined to exercise.
  5. Exercise is good for our health.
  6. Caring partners enjoy doing activities together.
  7. Companionship keeps us mentally alert.
  8. Joy in being with someone we like is good for our personalities.
  9. Pleasant personalities draw more friends to them.
  10. Our children worry less when their parents are happy together.


  1. Good health reduces our medical expenses.
  2. Lower medical expenses allow us to spend money on things we enjoy.
  3. Partners in sync with one another agree on expenditures more often.
  4. Honoring one another’s retirement goals is cheaper than counseling.
  5. The absence of stress may reduce compulsive purchases.
  6. Happiness together minimizes the need for separate housing expenses.
  7. Couples traveling together receive cheaper room and trip rates than singles.
  8. Two people can live almost as cheaply as one.
  9. Agreement on the meaning of wealth increases compatibility.
  10. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but happiness improves our sense of wealth.


  1. Compatible couples tend to support one another’s retirement goals.
  2. Working together on common goals comes easier for  couples who are compatible.
  3. Two brains working toward a goal are more productive than a single one.
  4. Realizing our retirement goals brings contentment and satisfaction.
  5. Satisfaction in life promotes harmony with ourselves and our situations.
  6. Working toward common retirement goals teaches us more about our mates.
  7. Our retirement goals can provide a great role model for grandchildren.
  8. Common retirement goals can help us connect with grandchildren.
  9. Appreciation for one another’s goals makes each person feel valued.
  10. Retirement goals are more achievable when they valued by our partner as well.

Satisfaction and Compatibility

  1. Compatibility with our partner makes us feel more satisfied with life.
  2. The more we are satisfied with life, the happier we tend to be.
  3. Satisfaction in our lives makes us less likely to be impatient with others.
  4. The absence of impatience makes us more likely to compromise.
  5. Agreeable compromises makes partners more compatible.
  6. Compatibility reduces one’s need to always be right.
  7. The absence of righteousness increases our compatibly.
  8. Compatibility strengthens the joy in a relationship.
  9. Joy in a relationship enhances our respect for the other person.
  10. Respect for our partners is the secret for true love.

    As the Beatles aptly stated—

    all we really need is love.

    This retired couple show one way for you to discover freedom in your retirement.

    Seeking love  in your retirement can generate fun and crazy ideas.