Hugging, the secret to Bliss

Hugging, the secret to Bliss

5 Minutes a Day For Retirement Bliss

According to at least one retired friend, all it takes is just five minutes a day to achieve retirement bliss with your mate. This is a piece of advice that I think we can all relate too…especially because it takes so little time and promises so much.

My friend Alfred’s suggestion is that every couple should take five minutes a day for hugging. This, he says, brings couples together, minimizes fears or concerns, feels good and makes us feel good about ourselves. And, he continues, when we feel good about ourselves, we are typically more productive and kinder to others and so much happier.

It appears he is on to something, for after 57 years of marriage (and 20 years of retirement marriage) he and his wife appear to be the happiest married couple I’ve ever met. Most days they each pursue their varied interests, but when they are together, their joy lights the room.

Their delight in their togetherness also prompts Alfred and his wife, Judy, to share interesting activities. In the summer they’re often found on their motorcycle, racing up and down the highways on various trips. At other times, they’re found together in digging the garden or building something with, or for, one of their grandchildren or visiting their winter home  “up north” where they mow the lawn and visit with friends.

When winter comes, Alfred skies the slopes of Vermont and Judy helps manage the ski school. In the evening, they have endless humorous stories to share with one another…about skiing, the many books and magazine stories they have consumed and other interesting topics. Several charitable organizations also benefit from their commitment to joyful living.

So the moral of the story? Hugging for 5 minutes a day is good and, according to Alfred, you never know where it could lead. Enjoy!

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