Christmas is Family

Reading time with a special young lady

Reading time with a special young lady

12 People in 6 Rooms for 7 Days… previously a recipe for chaos, confusion and lots of noise.

Now that I’m retired, I’ve noticed a significant difference in how I enjoy our family’s holiday celebrations. Recently they have felt less rushed and more peaceful.

The Christmas and New Year season has always been one of the most beautiful times of the year for me. Now that our children have grown and created their own busy lives, I treasure these days even more as time when we come together to share our lives. This season, however, I noticed an even greater delight in their visit.

The gladness I experienced may have been the result of my learning to let go and relax—if only just a little bit. During these few precious days, I took a longer than normal hiatus from the writing I love to do and spent that time playing with our grandchildren or having conversations with our children and their spouses. I stopped being obsessed with presenting grand meals and no one starved. In fact every one chipped in with tasty offerings that I would not even have thought of. Our oldest grandson’s contribution was a special delight.

After coming off an exceptionally busy fall season, this relaxing time created a sense of remarkable contentment for me and left me ready to be aware of the joy of family and all the noise that goes along with that.

Reasons Behind the Change

What miracles prompted this change? No, they weren’t miraculous happenings; in fact the causes were rather simple.

It was GRATITUDE: Gratitude for the healthy and happy families our children have created; gratitude for a wonderful husband who also enjoys the chaos that comes with our gatherings, and gratitude for the time we do have to spend together.

It was AWARENESS: Awareness of the value of seizing the moment. Awareness that, as a “retiree”, I really don’t have to write all the time. Awareness that our grandchildren continue to grow and may eventually move to other parts of the country or be consumed with developing their own careers and lives.

It was MINDFULNESS: By making a commitment to be more mindful of daily life, I realized that life is so much more pleasant when I am calm, peaceful and responsive to others’ needs.

Everyone loves to know what people have done to create successful experiences so I hope you will share your pleasant holiday memories and what you did to create those fond impressions.

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Happy New Year