How does a wife cope with marriage after retirement when her husband wants to rearrange the kitchen utensils to “make it better” or, like Bob the Caboose, wants to go everywhere with her because he hasn’t identified his retirement interests? How does a husband build friendships outside work and collaborate with his wife to build a happy retirement marriage?

In this second edition of Survive Your Husband’s Retirement, you’ll find more tips on staying happily married while adjusting to marriage in retirement, along with the stories and humor of the successful first edition.

The book, Survive Your Husband’s Retirement, grew out of Nora Hall’s own experience and her commitment to create a guide for a happy marriage over 60. When, her husband of forty-two years, announced he was retiring she–and he–were completely unprepared for this journey. The next several months became trying, but she’s glad to report that, thanks to wise marriage advice from many retired seniors, they have rediscovered the love and respect that led them to marriage in the first place.

The Second Edition of Survive Your Husband’s Retirement is available in print and as an e-book on Amazon and in libraries or your local bookstore.


You can help your friends and acquaintances create exciting and happy retirement years. Encourage your church or organization to sponsor a workshop that will help you and your community explore ways to create happy and purposeful retirement relationships.

Check out these  successful workshops  on finding joy and purpose in retirement. Then contact Nora; she’ll help you plan the perfect one for your group.