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Advanced Praise for the Book

"The book is filled with humorous anecdotes and funny moments, but importantly brings to the forefront the importance of planning and preparing for the retirement life you will live. If you have no idea what awaits you in your post employment world, you may find yourself ill-prepared for the challenges of 27/7 togetherness."

Dave Bernard - author of "On Retirement" for US News and World Report and most recently, of the book I Want to Retire! Essential Considerations for the Retiree to Be

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Nora's workshops open doors for couples to create a blissful relationship in a retirement marriage. Click for more details.

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We're not sure where Bob learned his caboose skills, but on his first day of retirement he began following his wife everywhere--even into the bathroom, we're told. In another household, mild-mannered, but newly retired Tom became the family tyrant, going into a frenzy when dishes or silverware weren't placed exactly as he had arranged them. And that's only a few of the strange stories we've heard about husbands' retirement behaviors that threaten to drive a wife crazy.

Written for wives of the Two Million (plus) baby boomers who will become eligible for retirement this year alone, Survive Your Husband's Retirement looks at changes in a relationship--and the errant behavior that comes along with it--when a husband retires. Replete with couple's stories, cartoons, and coping suggestions, Survive prompts women to laugh, cry, and think--and finally--take action to return bliss to the relationship.